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Application Config


Parameter Type Example Description
name string "argocd" Name of your application & namespace [if not specified]
repoURL string "" URL to git or Helmchart repo
or repo string "heqet" Name of a predefinied Helm/Git-Repo
path string "charts/heqet" Path to chart if using git as source repo
chart string "heqet" Chart name [ only use either path or chart ]
targetRevision string "1.2.3" or "master" Version of Helm-Chart or Branch/Tag of git


Parameter Type Default Example Description
existingNamespace string none "default" Don't create namespace, instead use an existing one
namespace string Namespace of project "superns" Name of application namespace
annotations hash is-awesome Kubernetes Resource annotations
syncWave string "0" `"-2" ArgoCD SyncWave
server string "https://kubernetes.default.svc" https://my.external.cluster:8443 K8s Cluster to deploy to
automated.prune bool false true ArgoCD automatic prune app
automated.selfHeal bool false true ArgoCD automatic self-heal app
ignoreDiff array See ArgoCD docs ArgoCD ignoreDifferences
parameters array - name:
value: awesome.url
Parameters override values of app
include array - value-snippet Include a values snippet from resources/snippets

Full Example

Check out the hive-Branch of this repo for my current homelab setup.